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HELIA SMOKER electric smoke ovens

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MULTIFUNCTION - a single device for multi-purpose

  • Cooking and smoking at the same time = hot smoking (up to 250 °C)Smoking without cooking = cold smoking
  • Low temperature cooking/- smoking = low & slow
  • Finishing with smoke, round off taste
  • Cooking without smoke
  • Stewing / grilling
  • Keeping warm and hold
  • Warming up – defrosting
  • Baking / gratinating

HELIA SMOKER - for real gourmets

Gourmets know for years: smoked meat, fish or even vegetables are a real delicacy. But it was much too complex and a time-consuming procedure in former times. Nowadays it is possible to prepare food easily and fast due to modern electric smokers. Besides tips and delicious recipes you will find your profi-smoker on our smoker shop

The electric smoker from HELIA SMOKER enables you to smoke and cook your food in one single step. The profi-smoker can be used anywhere because there is no extractor hood needed, only plug to power supply and off you go. For example smoking trouts you only have to fill smoking pan with sawdust and a little of water, place on the heating element inside the oven. Place the fish on the grid and push onto first or second rack over the smoking pan and activate as per instructions. You can enjoy your delicious and crispy trout after 15 to 20 minutes!

Do you also plan to buy a smoker? Watch our onlineshop in peace and contact us on any questions. We are glad to advise you personally!

The perfect multifunction smoker for your kitchen
The one who loves smoked food and does not want to have a bulky smoker in his kitchen should buy an electric multifunction smoker (easily called smoker). HELIA SMOKER offers besides a big profi-smoker for gastronomy kitchens (size breadth 45 cm, height 35 cms, depth 85 cm) also a model of a smaller size for private kitchens (breadth 45 cm, height 35 cm, depth 45 cm). With these sizes the electric multifunction smokers from HELIA SMOKER are rather slim in comparison to a bulky smoker. The HELIA SMOKER is completely made from stainless steel and thus perfect for daily use.

Gastronomy-smoker for professional kitchens
In our wide range of products you will also find an electric smoker for the professional kitchen in gastronomy. Also the gastro-smoker is rather slim and does not take much space in the kitchen a smoker cabinet will do important for many small gastronomy kitchen who do not have an space in their small kitchens. Convince yourself of our gastronomy-smoker and impress your guests with new fine foods.

In our onlineshop you will find anything for smoking. We provide different types of sawdust as beech wood, eok and spruce sawdust. Besides we provide a delicious fish spice created to our own recipe as well as juniper berries for adding to sawdust and brines. Also numerous smoker accssories are available, i.e. a flat grill, sparerib grid and a high precision temperature instrument. If you need tips or ideas for cooking re recommend our special recipe booklet HELIA SMOKER with many delicious proven smoker-recipes.

An electric indoor smoker is perfect for the professional chef as well as for the hobby chef
An electric indoor smoker can be used by the professional chef as well as by the ambitious hobby chef. Once you have discovered how fast and uncomplicated the indoor BBQ smoker can be used in application and cleaning you will not miss it. The indoor electric smoker provides many possibilities in food preparation and cooking. Besides the classical smoking you can also cook with low temperature. The advantage of low temperature cooking is that the meat collagen fibres dissolve. The result is tender flesh and can be pulled into small pieces. According to this principle you can create a “pulled pork’” which is very delicious and up to date nowadays.

Even professional chefs like Alfons Schubeck or even premium restaurants like the “Bayrischer Hof” in Munich or even the AROSA Grand Spa Resort on the island of Sylt rely on the food preparation and work with the electric indoor smoker from HELIA SMOKER.

The BBQ smoker for the modern gastronomy kitchen
What makes the smoker technique of BBQ smoker for the gastronomy kitchen worth is that the food will not be cooked directly by the heat of wood fire or by infrared radiations, but by the indirectly heated air inside the oven chaber. Therefore dangerous combustibles or soots will be released and the food will be smoked without any toxics. No taste transmissions of foods due to the absence of air circulation inside the hermetic welded oven chamber. During the constant temperature and smoke ventilation your food will be cooked and smoked perfectly and gets the golden brown colour. Thus the juice of food remains. It is useful to cook meat and fish without adding any fat, which makes your food low calorie but remains tasty.

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