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Either gastronomy, catering service or hobby sector, indoor or outdoor …
The HELIA SMOKER is available in 3 model sizes. It can be used everywhere, indoor but also outdoor. Only simple electricity connection necessary, use of extractor hood optional. For all those who want more than hot- and cold smoking it is also perfect for:
  • low-temperature cooking and smoking = low & slow
  • cooking without smoke
  • cook & hold, keeping warm, no quality loss
  • heating
  • stewing
  • grilling
  • baking
  • gratinating
  • defrosting
Since 1983 HELIA SMOKERs are in use worldwide - you will find them in more than 80 countries:
-in the kitchen– gastronomy, gourmet restaurants, semi-professional or hobby in -the complete HoReCa sector (hotels, restaurants, catering)
-in beer gardens, pubs, takeaways, cantines and cafeterias
-in deli shops, butcher’s shops, fish shops, supermarkets, health food store, snack stands, behind the deli counter and hot counters
-in food trucks and snack cars
-on weekly markets, in market halls, farm shops and in pavillonson
-camping, in gardens, on fishing ponds, in hunting lodges, in clubs, on ships
-in testing kitchens
-everywhere, where good taste plays a big role