Experience the WORLD NOVELTY

The GRILLOMAX combines grill and hot air to an innovative and
preparation experience within minutes. The integrated
plasma filter technology (PFT) allows fat-odorless cooking
of grilled food, chips and many other products.
This makes the GRILLOMAX unique.

Features & Highlights

-Gentle cooking
-Fast cooking time with high energy efficiency

-Clean exhaust air
through integrated plasma-filter-technology

-Easy2Clean surface
-Dishwasher safe
-Personalized design
-12h On-Site service warranty

"Made in Germany"

- Gentle cooking
- Fast cooking time with high energy efficiency
- Clean exhaust due to special integrated plasma-filter-technology
- Touch display
- Easy2Clean surfaces
- Easy cleaning
- Customisable design
- Made in Germany

Everywhere, where small and larger snacks are to be prepared fast, easily, without additional exhaust air system and in smallest spaces, around the clock:

- In coffee shops, bakeries, bars, pubs
- In canteens, hotels, restaurants
- In butcheries, supermarkets, delicatessen shops
- During events, fairs or at the kiosk
- In petrol and service stations, in shopping malls
- In airports, train stations, malls
- In sport and leisure facilities like:

Lastertag arena, mini-golf facilities, aquafun/waterparks, bowlingcenters, animal parks, visitor centers, skiing halls etc. …
Achieve fast turnovers without a professional kitchen