We make the difference


  • Cooking and smoking at the same time = hot smoking (up to 250 °C)
  • Smoking without cooking = cold smoking
  • Low temperature cooking/- smoking = low & slow
  • Finishing with smoke, round off taste
  • Cooking without smoke
  • Stewing / grilling
  • Keeping warm and hold
  • Warming up – defrosting
  • Baking / gratinating

Advantages in comparison to other smoking methods.

Low-emission cooking and smoking by indirectly heated air in closed oven chamber, without open fire sources. Thermostatically controlled top and bottom heat for optimal cooked food with full juiciness. Perfect smoking results by even distribution of smoke. You can also cook, stew, grill and bake without smoke in the closed and smoked oven – no oxygen = no flavour transferences. The HELIA SMOKER models do not require a cost extensive smoke processor and smoke pads, functional and easy-to-use operating elements make it ready for use at any time, no lost of time by i.e. automatized cleaning programmes, no time and cost expensive staff training.Our smoker stand for quality, flexibility and savings of costs, energy, staff and time.

-No cost extensive exhaust air technology necessary
- Only a 230 volts connection required
- Easy-to-use, no staff training necessary.

Convincing and clever technology

  • Thermostatic control with constant temperature adjustment up to 250 °C
  • Automatic control of smoking process
  • Easy and individual dosing of sawdust
  • Optimal distribution of smoke
  • Energy saving up to 60% due to all-round insulation of casing
  • No specific air extraction or installation instructions necessary
  • Table top devices, space saving, stackable and easy to transport
  • Removeable racks (for better cleaning) in all 3 models

Our KNOW-HOW is your PROFIT!


  • create a variety of special recipes using different sawdust and additives
  • cook ready-to-serve meals or easily finish and round-off with smoke, to give the final kick
  • cook and smoke all foods hot or cold and make extraordinary and delicious specialities
  • smoke indoor and outdoor and can easily be taken everywhere
  • be used in continuous long term operation