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Gastronomy / HoReCa

The added value for your professional kitchen

The HELIA SMOKER was developed in 1983 as one of the first smoking devices especially for the professional kitchen. To date, we have further developed it to meet the requirements of a catering kitchen while keeping it as simple as possible. All 3 models fit almost everywhere as practical table-top units. No special and cost-intensive exhaust air installations are prescribed. The application in the vicinity of commercially available extractor bonnets (recirculating air, exhaust air or charcoal filter) is practicable and recommended. The controls are clear and easy to use. The thermostatic control with a temperature range of up to 250°C ensures uniform and precise preparation of the products both in the low temperature range (low & slow) and at high temperature. The double-shell construction with all-round insulation ensures energy savings of 60% as well as short heat-up phases. The units operate with 230 or 115 volts and 1.5 / 2.5 kW.


  • create numerous very special recipes using different types of wood flour and additives
  • Prepare finished end products or simply refine them with smoke, finish them off, round them off and give them the final kick
  • Smoke all foods hot or cold and turn them into specialities and taste experiences
  • Smoke indoors and outdoors and take the HELIA SMOKER anywhere as a portable tabletop appliance
  • Use all the other useful functions of the unit and work with it continuously


It’s all about taste, quality and, of course, making money, and that’s where the HELIA SMOKER comes in.
It is the perfect tool for your creative kitchen and the key to success.


Fish & Delicacies

Delicatessen products are prepared foods with a special quality and this is where our HELIA SMOKERS come into play. We refine fish, seafood, meat, cheese, vegetables and much more into the finest delicacies.

Numerous delicatessens, butchers and fish shops as well as fish trucks, snack stands and food trucks are among our customers and have been producing high-quality smoked delicacies, hot and cold smoked, in HELIA SMOKERS for years, thus expanding their range many times over and gaining the loyalty of old and new customers.

With HELIA smokers, you can smoke fresh, on-site at any time or pre-produce large quantities and use them as required.

We guarantee the best smoking quality and speak from almost forty years of experience.

Grocery trade

HELIA SMOKERS have been used in the food trade for many years. They are ideal for preparing fresh and high-quality smoked products, such as:

  • in the fish department for fresh smoked fish and delicatessen
  • in the meat department in the “hot counters” area, for freshly smoked to-go
  • for the preparation of homemade ready meals, made fresh in-house with our own creative recipe and quality. Sealed and vacuum-packed, with your own logo, they encourage customers to take them home and are guaranteed to create customer loyalty. Currently, low-temperature cooked and smoked products are very popular here, such as pulled pork, beef brisket, ribs, pastrami, etc., in line with the American BBQ trend, the needs of which the HELIA SMOKERS fully meet (see also application area “BARBECUE”)

Our customers include larger markets such as Edeka, E-Center, REWE, Simmel, Famila and many more, but also smaller grocery shops run under their own name that want to offer their customers something special.

Advantages of our smokers

  • all models are handy table-top units and can be placed almost anywhere without costly exhaust or installation requirements
  • Simple controls, no cost-intensive staff training
  • Energy-saving, fully insulated, no high-voltage current
  • Fresh food scraps can still be smoked, refined or preserved quickly and easily, without the energy and time expenditure that comes with larger smoking systems
  • Multifunctional application


Our smokers were developed and launched in 1983 as professional, electric smokers, mainly for smoking fish and hot and cold smoking in the fine dining sector. For a few years now, the American barbecue trend has been spreading, first strongly in Germany, now also more and more throughout Europe.

Today, more and more grill and barbecue restaurants, American food restaurants, smokehouses, food trucks, party services and catering, as well as hobby smokers, are among our valued customers.

At an original American barbecue, meat or fish is not cooked on an open grill, at high temperatures over an open flame, but in a closed cooking space, in low-temperature smoke. This is exactly what HELIA SMOKERS are best suited for – they work reliably and professionally at low temperature, without temperature fluctuations, for many hours. No need to readjust temperature or smoke. Pieces of meat become very tender and juicy, with the best smoke flavour using pure wood chips (beech, hickory, cherry, apple, just as you like).


Hobby & Leisure

Originally developed and manufactured for use in professional kitchens, HELIA SMOKER ovens are now also very popular with amateur cooks. Whether in the indoor or outdoor kitchen, in the garden, on the terrace, on the balcony, in the garage, in the garden hut, at the fishing pond, in the hunting lodge, at the campsite – wherever there is an electrical connection, the most delicious dishes are prepared.

HELIA ovens are not infrequently used as a replacement for conventional ovens, as they function as cooking, low-temperature cooking, baking, hot and cold smoking ovens. An absolute added value for every kitchen.

The fan community in the growing barbecue and grill scene is growing ever larger. HELIA SMOKERs have proven their worth in low-temperature cooking and simultaneous smoking over many hours. Using various wood chips (hickory, beech, cherry, apple, etc.), the best low & slow smoked food is created, such as pulled pork, beef brisket, ribs, pastrami, filet, roast beef, shank, poultry or fish.