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Areas of Applicaton

HELIA SMOKER smoking devices can be used wherever you want.
The HELIA SMOKER has been in successful use all over the world since as early as 1983 and can now be found in over 80 countries


         In every type of kitchen professional, semi-professional or private

        Behind deli counters

         In restaurants

        In pubs and beer gardens

        In takeaways

         In food trailers

         In event pavilions

         At markets

         On ships

         On campsites

        In hunting lodges

         By fishing ponds

         In clubs really is used everywhere!


The HELIA SMOKER is also right at home in the worlds of event catering and entertainment dining because it enables users to smoke food right in front of the diners and customers in their shop, restaurant or beer garden whenever they want, safe in the knowledge that it will be a great success!

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