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Cooking & Smoking

Cooking & Smoking

     Cooking and smoking in one single process

     Short cooking and smoking times, meaning
that even la carte dishes can be served hot

     Hot or cold smoking with minimal smoke escape

     No transfer of flavour from fish to meat

     Enables you to cook food in its own natural juices without adding fat, resulting in extremely tasty food that is low in calories

     Can be used for both fresh and frozen food

     Can be used to defrost frozen smoked food in its own natural juices

All you need is a simple power connection

You can use the electric pressure chamber of our HELIA SMOKER cooker and smoking oven to effortlessly prepare ready-to-serve hot or cold smoked delicacies in no time at all. Provide your guests and customers with fresh and genuine smoked food.

The HELIA SMOKER, our top state-of-the-art electric smoking device, can be used wherever you want. It does not require a chimney connection and can be used with an optional extractor hood where desired. All you need to do is connect it to the power supply and off you go!

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