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Technical features

The internal chamber, outer housing, drip pan and roasting pan are all made of rust-free stainless steel, meaning that there is no risk of rusting or of paint or enamel chipping off.
The smoker is fully insulated with a double jacket design that enables short heating times and low thermal loss, meaning that the device can run without electricity for up to 60% of the cooking time.
The device housing has been welded tight in order to keep moisture out of the double jacket. All electric components are protected.
The operating controls and indicator lamps on the front of the smoker have a design tailored to suit use in kitchens and are easy to use.
The smoker features heating with thermostatic regulation and an automatic timer.
The pressure in the oven results in an even temperature and optimal smoke distribution that enables it to perfectly cook smoked food until it is golden brown.

Top quality standards:
Tested in accordance with the GS (Tested Safety) mark awarded by the German technical inspection association RWTÜV
Manufactured in accordance with the standards of the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE) and SED-approved
Safety tested by the Swiss Accident Insurance Institution (SUVA)


HELIA SMOKER top-class smoking devices can be used for small, medium-sized and big requirements…


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HELIA48 for medium-sized and big requirements read more….

HELIA Gastro-Norm (NEW)

HELIA SMOKER Gastro-NormProduct Innovation
THE perfect solution for all professional kitchens
INDOOR & outdoor

>> 5 racks for GN containers and grids allow more CAPACITY, absolute FLEXIBILITY and easy HANDLING in your kitchen mehr...


1)   Flat grill                                                      8)  Signal timer
(for plaice, filet, meat)                                                      (0 60 minutes): cooking time 


2)  Fish grill                                                      9)  Fish spice mixture
(put the fish with the belly side upwards)                             (500 g)


3)  Drip tray                                                    10)  Beech sawdust

                                                                                          ( 1 kg )


4)  Door with special gasket / sealing                 11)  Frying pan
                                                                                      ( 7 cm high)


5)  Active light                                                  12)  Smoking pan

                                                                                           (for sawdust)


6) Thermostat                                                  13)  Juniper berries granules
(0° - 250 °C) for upper and lower heat:
regular oven function


7)  Timer (0 15 minutes):
 smoking function





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