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We make the difference !

We make the difference !

Advantages in comparison with other smoking methods:


Fish and meat are not cooked by the direct heat of burning wood or by infrared radiation, but instead using indirectly heated air inside a pressure chamber.

The use of even upper and lower heat without incoming or recirculation air enables food to be evenly cooked through without drying out and whilst retaining its own natural juices.

There is no transfer of flavour from fish to meat because no oxygen is fed into the device.

The device enables healthy and pollutant-free smoking because no open flame is produced in the oxygen-free internal chamber when the sawdust smoulders. As a result, only pure filtered smoke is released and the release of hazardous combustible material or soot is avoided.

The filtered smoke mainly settles on the inner walls of the device
      once the timer has expired. This layer of smoke should not be cleaned with
      chemical agents, but should be left alone in line with the motto: "The blacker the oven, the better
      the smoked taste. (This is completely harmless in terms of hygiene because the layer is formed by
      nothing but pure filtered smoke. Any juices or food remnants are caught in the
      drip tray or can simply be wiped away.)

Our all-rounder is also suitable for....

 making pizza, onion tart, cheesecake, tarte flambée, etc.              

 baking or defrosting food

 baking bread or bread rolls

 grilling Toast Hawaii without forming a skin on the cheese

 baking meatloaf

 roasting, grilling and cooking meat in its own natural juices 

       without smoke

 cooking "au gratin"

 cooking at low temperatures

 cold smoking at temperatures of around 25°C


And it can even do so immediately after smoking fish or meat without any transfer of flavour!

The HELIA SMOKER is also right at home in the worlds of event catering and entertainment dining because it enables users to smoke food right in front of the diners and customers in their shop, restaurant or beer garden whenever they want, safe in the knowledge that it will be a great success!

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