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The added value for your professional kitchen

The HELIA SMOKER was developed in 1983 as one of the first smoking oven especially for the professional kitchen. Until today, we have continued to develop it to meet the requirements of catering kitchens while keeping it as simple as possible. All 3 models fit almost everywhere as practical table-top units. No special and cost-intensive exhaust air installations are required. The application near commercial cooker hoods (air circulation, exhaust air or charcoal filter) is practicable and recommended. The operating elements are clear and easy to use. The thermostatic control with a temperature range of up to 250°C guarantees a precise and even preparation of the products, in the low temperature range (low & slow) as well as at high temperature. The double-shell construction with all-round insulation ensures energy savings of 60% and short heating-up. The units operate with 230 or 115 volts and 1.5 / 2.5 kW.

The HELIA SMOKER GASTRONORM is the practical smoker for professional kitchens and the chefs’ favorite. 5 slots for GN containers and grids provide more capacity, absolute flexibility and easy handling in the kitchen. With its dimensions of 51.5x43x60 cm, it fits on any 60 cm worktop. It is compact but has a large capacity of up to 36 fish, 10 chickens or approx. 18 kg of roasts. As an all-rounder, it can be used for hot and cold smoking, it is perfect for low-temperature cooking and smoking, grilling, baking and keeping warm. All our models are 100% manufactured in our family business in Germany and TÜV Germany certified.

With a HELIA SMOKER you can:

  • create numerous very special recipes using different types of wood flour and additives
  • prepare ready to go products or simply refine them with smoke, finish or round them off and give them the final kick
  • smoke all foods hot or cold and turn them into delicious dishes and taste experiences
  • smoke indoors and outdoors and take the HELIA SMOKER as a portable tabletop appliance anywhere
  • use all the other beneficial functions of the oven and have it in continuous use in the kitchen



It’s all about taste, quality and, of course, making money, and that’s where the HELIA SMOKER comes in.
It is the perfect tool for your creative kitchen and the key to success.



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