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Tradition & Innovation

Technology at its best

  • High-quality, durable materials, elegant and customisable design, practical handling of controls and components
  • Completely removable slide-in rails for quick cleaning.
  • Highest quality standards since 1983, 100% Made in Germany, certified by TÜV NORD Germany/GS (tested safety)
  • Production according to VDE, CE European Declaration of Conformity

Best materials

  • Inner and outer housing made of robust stainless steel
  • High-gloss controls in black piano lacquer finish
  • Door seals made of extremely heat-resistant industrial material
  • Full insulation with class A1 non-combustible insulation
  • Wear-free door mechanism
  • Modern construction design built for continuous use

Individual solutions *

according to customer requirements (subject to surcharge):

  • Individual door design with your own company logo or desired motif
  • Number and positioning of the support rails can be changed

It works as simple as this

Turn the temperature control knob and set to the desired cooking temperature. As soon as the temperature is reached, the green lamp goes out.

Fill the smoking pan with smoking flour of your choice and preference, add a little water and place on the heating coil in the oven.

Load the grates with the goods to be smoked. Slide in the drip tray with a rack on the bottom rail, slide in another rack on the top rail if necessary.

Turn the timer to 15 minutes. This initiates the smoking process and ends it when it is finished. The red lamp starts to light up.

The cooking and smoking time is set here. You can determine these yourself or take them from our recipe book. Please also refer to our recipe book for the cold smoking procedure.


Recommended smoking times

Type of fishSmoking times
Trout15 to 20 minutes
Carp20 to 30 minutes
Pike / Zander20 to 30 minutes
Mackerels20 to 25 minutes
Plaice / Sale fillet15 to 20 minutes
Saithe15 to 20 minutes
Halibut15 to 20 minutes
Lobster20 to 25 minutes
Salmon steak15 to 20 minutes
Mussels20 to 25 minutes
Eel30 to 60 minutes
Type of meatSmoking times
Knuckle of pork45 to 60 minutes
Rolled roast40 to 60 minutes
Belly30 to 45 minutes
Suckling pigs60 to 90 minutes
Smoked steaks15 to 20 minutes
Meatballs15 to 20 minutes
Meat loaf15 to 20 minutes
Chicken30 to 45 minutes
Chicken tighs20 to 25 minutes
Turkey / Duck50 to 90 minutes
Roast saddle of vension45 to 60 minutes
Leg of lamb60 to 90 minutes
DelicaciesSmoking times
Toast-Hawaii45 to 60 minutes
Jacket potatoes40 to 60 minutes
Pizza30 to 45 minutes
Tofu60 to 90 minutes

Smoke fillet and enjoy - with the HELIA SMOKER

Smoke fillet cold or warm

Many fillet lovers swear by not smoking the “best pieces” of beef, pork or veal over a long period of time, but rather searing them briefly and relatively hot so that the juicy interior is preserved – so their argument goes. This means that they miss out from the outset on one of the gentlest and most careful cooking methods, which keeps tenderloins particularly tender and also gives them an unmistakable aroma. Another advantage is that smoking a fillet in the HELIA SMOKER also gives it a longer shelf life than roasting it in the conventional way.

Fillet hot smoking for the impatient

If you don’t want to wait for several smoking cycles, each of which takes several hours, you will certainly be more than satisfied with a hot-smoked veal or beef fillet. Beef fillets, for example, are already ideally cooked when they are smoked at 100 to 115°C for two to three hours on a smoked rack. for two to three hours on an oiled grate in the smoker. If you also add thyme and rosemary to the beech flour in the smoker, the fillet already takes on a delicious herbal aroma through the smoking process that requires almost no further refinement. But why not also try smoked beef fillets, which you pour brandy over in a hot pan and then flambé. The instructions for this can be found in the HELIA SMOKER recipe booklet, which we have made available for you to download – just like, for example, the recipe for a smoked veal fillet with a delicious vermouth sauce. Or shrimps, which you can smoke on skewers and serve with a mango dip, if you want something different. Try it out!

Delicious fillet ham

Like any meat, it is recommended to soak fillet in brine before smoking, which can be enriched with various herbs and spices. This applies in particular to cold smoking, because the prior curing not only gives the meat additional flavor, but is also able to kill germs that would otherwise be eliminated by strong heating. To do this, you should rub a high-quality pork tenderloin with about 20 grams of curing salt, ground black bell pepper and sweet paprika, a crushed bay leaf and four crushed juniper berries, as well as some brown sugar, and then vacuum seal it. Spices that do not stick to the meat go into the bag with it, which should be placed in the refrigerator for at least a week, turned daily and also lightly massaged. After this curing period, the fillet is released from the vacuum, washed with lukewarm water and patted dry. Before it is smoked in the cold smoke of the HELIA SMOKER, it should be left to dry in the refrigerator for three days and in the air for two more days at 12-18° C. After that, it should be left to dry in the refrigerator for two more days. After that, two more passes of nine hours each over the beech smoke at about 20° C are necessary to obtain a wonderfully tender and flavorful fillet ham.

Recipe booklet for download

Click on our recipe booklet to open a PDF.