HELIA SMOKERS have been used in the food trade for many years. They are ideal for preparing fresh and high-quality smoked products, such as:

  • in the fish department for fresh smoked fish and delicatessen
  • in the meat department in the “hot counters” area, for freshly smoked food-to-go
  • for the preparation of homemade ready meals, made fresh with your own creative recipes and quality, then sealed and vacuum-packed, with your own logo, they animate customers to take and enjoy it at home. Currently, low and slow cooked and smoked products are very popular such as pulled pork, beef brisket, ribs, pastrami, etc. just in line with the American BBQ trend (see also application area “BARBECUE”)

To our customers belong larger markets such as Edeka, E-Center, REWE, Simmel, Famila and many more, but also smaller private grocery shops who want to offer their customers special food and dishes.

Advantages of our smokers

  • all models are practical table-top units and can be placed almost everywhere, without cost intensive exhaust or installation requirements
  • simple operating elements, no cost-intensive personnel training
  • energy-saving, fully insulated, no high-voltage power
  • food leftovers can be smoked, refined or preserved quickly, easily and inexpensive
  • multifunctional application



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