Delicatessen and fine-food products are prepared foods with a special high quality and this is where our HELIA SMOKERS are perfect for. We refine fish, seafood, meat, cheese, vegetables and so many more into the finest delicacies.

Numerous delicatessen shops, butcheries and fish shops as well as fish trucks, snack stands and food trucks are among our customers and have been producing high-quality smoked delicacies, hot and cold smoked, in HELIA SMOKERS for years. Thus they expand their food range more and more and gain the loyalty of old and new customers.

In the fish sector, whether in businesses such as fish shops, fish mobiles, fish markets, fish restaurants or in the leisure fields like fishing and hobby cooking, our HELIA smokers guarantee the best results, both in hot and cold smoking and have been used successfully there since 1983.

With a HELIA SMOKER you can:

  • create numerous very special recipes using different types of smoking woods
  • prepare finished products or simply refine them with smoke, round them off and give them the final kick
  • smoke all kinds of food hot or cold and turn them into specialities and taste experiences
  • smoke indoor and outdoor and take the HELIA SMOKER with you wherever you go, as a portable tabletop appliance
  • use it also for cooking, low and slow cooking, grilling, baking and keeping dishes warm



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