In 1983 our smokers were developed and launched on the markets as professional electric smoking ovens, mainly for smoking fish and for hot and cold smoking in the fine-dining HoReCa sector. For a few years now, the American barbecue trend has been spreading, first strongly in Germany, now also more and more throughout Europe.

Today, more and more grill and barbecue restaurants, American food restaurants, smokehouses, food trucks, party services and catering, as well as hobby smokers, are among our valued customers.

The HELIA SMOKER ovens have proven to be the perfect BBQ smokers. The even cooking in the warm smoke in the closed cooking chamber makes the meat tender and very juicy.

At an original American barbecue meat or fish is not cooked on an open grill at high temperatures over an open flame, but in a closed cooking chamber in low-temperature smoke. The HELIA SMOKER ovens have proven to be perfect BBQ smokers, they work reliably and professionally at low temperature, without temperature fluctuations, for many hours. No readjustment of temperature or smoke necessary. Pieces of meat become very tender and super juicy, the meat’s own juices do not evaporate, as on most grills, and serve as a delicious smoky sauce. The smoke flavor is determined by the use of pure wood flour or chips such as beech, hickory, cherry, oak, just as you like – you will also find a selection in our online shop.

The “Holy Trinity” of American barbecue consists of spareribs (pork ribs), pulled pork (from pork shoulder) and beef brisket.



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